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AA Literature — questions about it

Questions about literature quotes, references and more.
“Honest” desire to stop drinking in The Preamble
12 & 12 search engine
12 Steps, 12 Traditions & 12 Concepts
Acceptance in The Big Book
Ace Full-Seven-Eleven” — Manuscript Story
Are “mind altering substances” mentioned in the Big Book?
Are we “recovered” or “recovering?”
Big Book copyright
Booklet called “AA Today”
Contempt prior to investigation
Difference between “Defects” & “Shortcomings?”
Finding the 12x12 online
How is the The Original Manuscript different from The Big Book?
How many “musts” are there in the Big Book?
How many Big Books have been sold?
How many times does “We” appear in the Big Book?
Is a group allowed to use non–conference-approved literature?
Is the Grapevine conference approved?
Is the slogan “One Day At A Time” in the Big Book?
Moral Psychology — what is it?
More will be revealed”
Multiple 4th Steps?
Native American stories pamphlet?
Never” have we seen a person fail?
People and places in The Big Book
Revising the Big Book
Seeking Professional Help
Serenity Prayer in AA Literature
Set Aside Prayer
Shortest sentence in the Big Book
Spiritual Awakening vs. Spiritual Experience
Sponsorship in The Big Book
The belladonna treatment
The principles behind the steps
To thine ownself be true”
What is The Big Book?
Where are The Steps referred to in The Big Book?
Where are the Third and Seventh Step Prayers?
Where does it say newcomers are the most important?
Where is “self-support” in the Big Book?
Who are the authors of stories in The Big Book?
Who wrote the Big Book?
Who wrote the chapter “To Wives” in the Big Book?
Whoopee parties
Wombley’s Clapboard Factory