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Going to your first AA meeting

I am preparing to attend my first meeting and am scared to death. Do I just show up?
Yeah, you just show up. We know very well how scary it can be, but it will be OK.

The idea of looking at alcohol as a problem or of somehow giving it up can be truly scary. Many of us thought quitting was impossible AND we believed that continuing life drinking was impossible too. The great thing is that you can meet people who found they could do it and they will gladly help you.

Please see this existing answer about what to expect at a meeting at this link.

A good way to get started is to walk into the meeting room 20 minutes or so before it's scheduled to start. Introduce yourself to anyone setting up before the meeting; tell them you've come to your first AA meeting. Helping someone in your situation is blessing for any of us and most of us would consider it an honor to help a drunk that sincerely wants to quit.
On the other hand, you can just show up, sit down and not say anything -- that is OK too and is not at all unusual. Please be aware that there are different types of meetings (discussion meetings are the most popular, but there are beginner's meetings, "Big Book" or Step study meetings and speaker meetings). Likewise, there are many different varieties among the different groups.

You should understand that meetings are important, but it is usually The Steps you take that produce a lasting recovery; AA is about a 12-step program of recovery -- IT IS NOT ABOUT MEETINGS. Meetings are just a place to report back on the progress we are making and a place to help others. Release from alcohol and obsession came to us after doing The Steps and they can be done as quickly as you like.

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