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Prisoner looking to correspond with a person in AA

I have a friend in prison who's looking for a man in the program who might be willing to correspond by mail and possibly sponsor him, help him work the steps.... do you have any idea how I could find someone willing to be of service in this way?
There is a prisoner correspondence program run by The General Service Office in New York. You can write to them at: corrections(at)aa.org

AA members wishing to volunteer to write to prisoners can sign up by filling out a form available at this link (PDF)

More information on A.A. and Correctional Facilities can be found in a pamphlet available at this link (PDF)

Alternatively, you can filter down through the A.A. service structure - to the Corrections committee of the appropriate area, and district. It's likely some groups are active in this, as are many individuals A.A. members. Perhaps your friend will get results if you e-mail his name and address to members of our fellowship.

To do this contact the AA Intergroup closest to your friend and ask about their Corrections Committee (In some places it may be called an "H&I Committee" which is short for Hospitals and Institutions).

See the listing of Intergroup contact information at this link

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