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Whoopee parties

What were whoopee parties? (bottom of page 101 in the Big Book) They talk about where we can go as long as we are spiritually fit. '...plain, ordinary whoopee parties.' What type of party were they referring to?
"Whoopee" means wild celebrations and merrymaking, therefore a whoopee party is simply a wild party with an ample supply of liquor — the old fashioned form of a kegger.

The New Century Dictionary, D. Appleton-Century Co. 1944. defines whoopee as:
Whoopee (hwup´ê, wup´ê, hwoo´pê) interjection.
1) Uproarious festivity: often in "to make whoopee." [Slang, U.S.]

Wikipedia shows a very early Walt Disney movie was "The Whoopee Party" starring Mickey Mouse & friends having a party.

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