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Doing Step 3 — what does it entail?

Often time I read about someone "taking" or "doing" Step 3 with a Sponsor or another. Dr. Bob would take members upstairs and "do" their 3rd Step with them. What exactly takes place when "doing" this Step? What is the other person's role?
Information regarding Step Three
Source: "How it worked: The Story Of Clarence H. S_____ and The Early Days Of Alcoholics Anonymous In Cleveland, Ohio" By Mitchell K. ISBN 0-9663282-0-5 © 1991, 1997 Mitchell K.
First published in 1999 by AA Big Book Study Group
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P. 58: Clarence's experience with Doctor Bob: "Doc then took Clarence by the hand and "hauled" him off of that "nice warm nest," as Clarence put it, and down to the cold, hard, concrete floor. Clarence, in his shorty hospital nightshirt, tied together in the back by a couple of strings. Doc, in a suit with a loud colored tie, argyle socks and a diamond stick pin with a lion's head. What a sight to behold. Both men, on their knees, by the side of the hospital bed, in an attitude of prayer. Doc uttered some sort of a prayer, pausing every few words so that Clarence had the time to repeat them.

Clarence didn't quite remember the words of the prayer exactly; but he did remember its being something like this: "Jesus! This is Clarence S. He's a drunk. Clarence! This is Jesus. Ask Him to come into your life. Ask Him to remove your drinking problem, and pray that He manage your life because you are unable to manage it yourself." After they had concluded this simple prayer, they rose from the side of the bed. Doc shook Clarence's hand and said to him, "Young feller, you're gonna be all right."

P 55: "What we want to do is get in touch with Him and turn our lives over to Him. Where should we go to do it? At once the lad replied: 'There is only one place - on our knees.' The lad prayed — one of those powerful, simple prayers which are so quickly heard by Him who made the eye and the ear: OH LORD, MANAGE ME, FOR I CANNOT MANAGE MYSELF."

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