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Translations of AA literature

What languages is The Big Book available in and where can I buy a copy?

What about other literature in other languages too?
The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous)is available in many languages. In The USA the best way to try and get a foreign language copy is to call AA World Service in NY at (212)870-3312 and ask what they can send to you. There is no easy way to order online.

You can also write or call AA World Service to request a full catalog of General Service Conference Approved literature:
Alcoholics Anonymous
Grand Central Station
PO Box 459
New York NY 10163


Some languages have pamphlets available but not the Big Book.

The Australian Nation Office has a full list of available AA literature on their Web site at http://www.aa.org.au/materials/materials_literature.php?nav=mb
The literature item codes used there may differ from those used in your location.

If you have trouble finding foreign language AA literature you might do best to contact the service office in or near the country of origin. We maintain a list of contact information at http://anonpress.org/phone

Here is a list of the languages available, prices and the specific product codes for ordering.

Language Price Product code
-------- ----- ------------
Afrikaans 13.60 (AFRIB-1)
Arabic 5.60 (ARABB-30)
Armenian 5.60 (ARMEB-30)
Bulgarian 5.60 (BULGB-30)
Chinese 5.60 (CHINB-30)
Chinese Simplified 5.60 (SIMPB-30)
Croatian 5.60 (CROAB-30)
Czech 5.60 (CZECB-30)
Danish 26.25 (DANIB-1)
Dutch/Flemish 29.80 (DUTCB-1)
Filipino - Tagalog 5.60 (FILIB-30)
Finnish 49.30 (FINNB-1)
German 18.00 (GERMB-1)
Greek 5.60 (GREEB-30)
Hebrew 5.60 (HEBRB-30)
Hungarian 5.60 (HUNGB-30)
Icelandic 23.00 (ICELB-1)
Indonesian 5.60 (INDOB-30)
Italian 11.25 (ITALB-30)
Japanese 34.00 (JAPAB-1)
Khmer 5.60 (KHMEB-30)
Korean 14.40 (KOREB-30)
Latvian 5.60 (LATVB-30)
Lithuanian 5.60 (LITHB-30)
Mongolian 5.60 (MONGB-30)
Nepali 5.60 (NEPAB-30)
Norwegian 23.25 (NORWB-1)
Persian 5.60 (PERSB-30)
Polish 8.20 (POLIB-30)
Portuguese - Brazil 8.55 (PORTB-30)
Romanian 5.60 (ROMAB-30)
Russian 5.60 (RUSSB-30)
Sinhala 5.60 (SINHB-30)
Slovak 5.60 (SLOVB-30)
Slovene 5.60 (SLVNB-30)
Swahili 5.60 (SWAHB-30)
Swedish 44.00 (SWEDB-1)
Thai 5.60 (THAIB-30)
Turkish 5.60 (TURKB-30)
Ukrainian 5.60 (UKRAB-30)
Urdu 5.60 (URDUB-30)
Vietnamese 5.60 (VIETB-30)
Zulu 5.60 (ZULUB-30)

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