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Finding the 12x12 online

Why is it that I can find the Big Book to download online but not 12 Steps and 12 Traditions (the 12x12)?
AA World Service now hosts the 12x12 online at http://www.aa.org/1212

AAWS provides a Windows-compatible word searchable and hyperlinked version of the 12x12 on 3.5" diskette for $5.75 - order Item M-67 by calling (212) 870-3312. G.S.O also provides the hardcover edition for $6.40 (B-2), a pocket-size "gift edition" for $6.25 (B-4), the large-print edition for $6.75 (B-14), the softcover edition for $6.00 (B-15) a softcover pocket edition for $4.50 (B-17), a 5-cassette audiotape version for $18.00 (MB-2), a Braille edition for $5.60 (M-35), and a 5-volume 1/2" video in American Sign Language for $35.00 (VS-3). Prices current as of April, 2006

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