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The Big Book on Tape and CD

Is The Big Book available on tape or CD?
The "Big Book" and other AA books are available on various electronic media.

A local AA Group, Intergroup or Central Office in your area is likely to have some which they obtain from AA World Services, Inc, P.O. Box 459, NY, NY 10163 (Call 212 870-3312 before 4pm Eastern). The AAWS catalog offers these products:

Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book) audiotape cassette set: $18.00
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12) tapes: $18.00

Other versions are available in Braille, video, 3.5" computer diskette, Audio CD, and in a set of 3 CD-ROMs of the 4th Edition that includes the stories ($60).

AAWS also offers audio versions of "A.A. Comes of Age" ($18), "Living Sober" ($18) , "Three Legacies, By Bill" ($6), "Voices of Our Co-Founders" ($6), "Bill Discusses the Twelve Traditions" ($6), "Pioneers of A.A." ($18), "A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate ($5.75), and "A Brief Guide to A.A. ($3.10).

Another source for audio of Alcoholics Anonymous is the non-profit Gopher State Tape Library at http://www.gstl.org

An independent Alaskan A.A. relies on the Anonymous Press e-AA version of the Big Book and recently ordered the 3.5" Windows-compatible computer diskette containing a hyperlinked-version of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

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