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Group conscience guidelines?

I wanted to propose a group conscience meeting to my home group. Are there suggested guidelines for a conducting group conscience?
A group is free to conduct its business however it wants to as long as they stay within AA Tradition.

Sometimes the terms "Group Conscience" and "Group Inventory" get confused. A group conscience is basically whatever means a group uses to make decisions. In some areas it is called a "business meeting".

A group inventory takes many forms, some groups attempt to compare their efforts with what it says in the Big Book. Others contrast their group against the ideals embodied in The Traditions.

There is a pamphlet put out by AA General Service called The AA Group...Where it all begins. It covers a lot of how a group often functions and may be helpful. You can download a copy from the GSO Web site in PDF format at: http://www.aa.org/en_services_for_members.cfm?PageID=100

Some ideas from The Grapevine are shown here: http://silkworth.net/aa/traditions_checklist.html

There is also a page on the Web with some ideas at: http://www.msag.org/group_inventory.htm

The site http://www.aabacktobasics.com may be of help too.


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