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Online “Recovery” bookstore

I am trying to locate the web site that lists books to purchase such as "Bottles and Stools?"
Stools and Bottles is sold by Hazelden. Their book store is at http://www.hazelden.org.

You may also be able to buy the book online at stores such as amazon.com

The info for the book is listed as:

Stools and Bottles Hardcover
A Study of Character Defects - 31 Daily Meditations
160 pp.
Item: 1040
ISBN-10: 0894860275
ISBN-13: 9780894860270
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing and Educational Services
Published Year: 1967
List Price: $12.95 Each

Websites offering recovery-oriented material include

www.hazelden.org (consider "The Twelve Steps to Happiness" by Joe Klaas)

www.kellyfdn.com (Joe McQuany of "Joe & Charlie" is involved with the Kelly Foundation. At this site, you'll find his book and material used at his treatment center, Serenity Park.)

www.route164.net has several Book Reviews that may be of interest.

www.aaprimarypurpose.org/reading.htm is the website of the Primary Purpose Group of Spartanburg, SC.

www.aabbsg.de/chs/index.htm and www.a-1associates.com/aa/How%20It%20Worked.htm will give you downloadable (free) copies of "HOW IT WORKED - The Story of Clarence H. Snyder and The Early Days of Alcoholics Anonymous in Cleveland, Ohio" by
Mitchell K. -- ISBN 0-9663282-0-5

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