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Big Book study guides

Where can I find study guides to the Big Book?
If you are looking for "worksheets" etc. you might have luck at:

At http://anonpress.org/store there are Study Editions with indexes, dictionaries etc. but these books do not add to the instructions in the main text. Their aim is to help study the book but not to give advice.

On Amazon.com you can buy a book called The Annotated AA Handbook: A Companion to the Big Book which adds quite a bit in the way of commentary on the book from one man's opinion who uses his full name as author of the book.

The website of the Primary Purpose Group of Dallas offers free downloads of the word-processing files of the study guide developed by adapting and expanding on one done by "Joe & Charlie" -- see http://www.ppgaadallas.org/study_guide.htm or e-mail them for a nicely-bound printed copy at a cost approaching $20.

Joe McQ of "Joe & Charlie" developed a Big Book Study Guide available for $14.95 from the Kelly Foundation of Little Rock, AR. Call 800 245-6428 or see www.kellyfdn.com Other material includes their "Decision Guidebook" on Steps 1-3, An "Action Guidebook" on Steps 4-9 and a "Continued Growth Guidebook" on Steps 10-12; $32 for the complete set.

There is a Big Book Study Guide from a traditional approach at http://www.aaintegrity.com

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