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What is the success rate of AA?

I have often heard of a survey that AA used to perform that indicated an extremely low success rate for people staying sober through AA. Is this so, and does AA compile such statistics today? What is our success rate?
AA does not keep records on our success rate. Sometimes you will find some figures on the "success" rate of AA, but given the anonymous nature of the fellowship it isn't likely an accurate figure could be found.

A large part of the problem would be in defining who qualifies as having "tried AA." A survey might count anyone attending more than one meeting, but the solution AA offers is not found just sitting in meetings.

We don't know of any survey giving the results of people who have *completed* all twelve steps which is the program of recovery AA has to offer.

A survey that counts anyone who sat in a meeting as having "tried AA" will reflect a very low success rate. A survey that counts only those who have finished AA's steps as having "tried AA" would perhaps show the real success rate of AA.

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