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7th Concept

Where can I find information on the 7th Concept?
You can find such information on A.A. in "The AA Service Manual combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service" by Bill W. -- the current version is brown-colored and costs about $2.50.

Your local phone directory (or our Mini-edition) provides contact information for the nearest A.A. Intergroup or Central Office where a broad range of A.A. literature is available. It's possible to download publication BM-31 in readable PDF format from the A.A. World Services website at www.aa.org at no charge.

On page 29, the service manual says, "Concept VII... The Conference recognizes that the charter and the bylaws of the general service board are legal instruments: that the Trustees are hereby fully empowered to manage and conduct all of the world service affairs of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is further understood that the Conference Charter itself is not a legal document: that it relies instead upon the force of tradition and the power of the A.A. purse for its final effectiveness."

About 400 words on the following three pages describe Concept VII in more detail. Additional pamphlets describing A.A.'s 12 Concepts are also available from the General Service Office (G. S. O.) of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.).

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