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Multiple 4th Steps?

What does the Big Book say about doing multiple 4th Steps?
The book doesn't describe the early steps as something done only once and but it also doesn't describe it as a process done multiple times. The book explains how to do the steps of recovery (basically 1-9) and then explains how we maintain sobriety using steps 10-12 which is an ongoing process which requires we continue to practice the principles and techniques in Steps 1-9. For some this will entail writing inventories and lists of those we have harmed, for others it will be done without writing.

Steps 10-12 are described as an ongoing process - "The Spiritual Life."
Done regularly any new amends that need to be made or character defects to be dealt with will be handled in the course of practicing Step 10. As told in The Promises the burden of alcoholism is typically lifted from us by Steps 1-9.

Put most simply, some will need to do do the 4th Step many times and others will not. It depends on the person and neither is more correct than the other. Ideally recovery will have been found after doing the steps but if not revisiting some Steps can often be of help.

The idea of doing the Steps repeatedly is not found in the book, but the book also says that "Our book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize we know only a little. God will constantly disclose more to you and to us."

Some will argue the idea of doing the steps multiple times is one of these new realizations of how to get the most benefit out of The Steps. There is nothing in the book that argues against doing the steps more than once.

Do you think this answer is accurate?