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12 & 12 search engine

Is there a search engine for the 12 & 12?
Yes, there is an electronic version of "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" that helps one study and research the 12 & 12. We do not know of any online version, this due to copyright restrictions placed on the book.

A little-known item in the A.A. catalog of "Conference-Approved Literature and Other Service Material" listed in the "books" section is "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Diskette," one 3.5″ diskette that runs in Windows, including Windows XP and Vista. It is described as fully word-searchable and hyperlinked. Catalog item M-67 costs $5.75; call G.S.O. in New York at (212)850-3312 to place an order; they'll accept credit cards.

Your local Intergroup or Central office may have a copy; please see our Intergroup contact information list at this link

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