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How much money can I bequeath to AA?

How much money can I leave to A.A. in my will?
Contributions to the General Service Office of AAWS are limited to $2,000 per year; bequests are likewise limited to $2,000. AA Guidelines are freely downloaded from AA.org

The "Finance" Guideline (AAWS catalog item mg-15) includes this Q&A section:

Question: Is there a limit to how much an A.A. member can contribute to G.S.O.? Answer: Yes. That limit is $2,000 a year.

Question: Can people leave money to G.S.O. in their wills? Answer: Bequests in wills are acceptable only from A.A. members, with a maximum of $2,000 from any one person, and only on a onetime basis — not in perpetuity.

Question: Can a non-A.A. member make a memorial contribution to G.S.O. in honor of an A.A. member who has passed away? Answer: Though G.S.O. deeply appreciates these offers, we return checks"whether they are in memoriam or otherwise"to all non A.A.s. A.A. does not accept contributions from nonmembers. When we receive a memorial contribution at G.S.O., we return the check with a letter letting the individual know of our tradition of self support.


To our knowledge, there's no prohibition that stops an A.A. member from giving up to $2,000 to The G.S.O., then giving other gifts to other entities such as the member's Area, District, Group, Intergroup or Central Office.

How much each different AA entity or office might accept would be up to them and would likely vary. The G.S.O. exists to serve A.A. and does not set rules for the groups and areas they serve.

The Australian GSO adjusts how much can be bequeathed to their office according to the Australian Consumer Price Index. As of 2009 the limit was $14,850 (Australian).

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