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Anonymity on Facebook and the Internet

I have a question that keeps coming up at our Group Conscience meeting. I learned from this site that filming members in any context that includes AA should not be permitted however within the fellowship we are not anonymous (like an extended family).

Frequently, our group members participate in activities like dances and banquets. Some people choose to take pictures of people enjoying the event and post the pictures on various social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Since these posts are viewable by the general public is it within the AA traditions to insist these photos not be published on the Internet? I understand that each group is autonomous but does this affect AA as a whole? Since the traditions were written before the Internet was created does it follow under press, radio, and films?
It seems that most don't seem to consider Tradition when they post stuff on Facebook. Mostly it is the work of ignorant individuals rather than the policy of groups that is on display here. The modern policy of AA is made very clear by the long form (full version) of Tradition 11 which includes: "Our names and pictures as A.A. members ought not be broadcast, filmed, or publicly printed." Facebook is certainly publicly printed so associating your name or picture with AA while on Facebook would go against our Traditions.

The guidelines from the General Service Office on the topic can be found at:

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