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Man on the bed picture

Where can I buy that picture showing a man in a in bed with two other guys visiting him?
This is published by The Grapevine and available through your local Intergroup (contact info).

It is item number:
GV-12 The Man on the Bed (Picture) $3.50

If you can't get it through your local Intergroup you can order many AA publications from AA World Service at (212) 870-3312 or by e-mail at orders@aa.org

The picture is from an oil painting originally called "Came to Believe." It first appeared in the December 1955 issue of The Grapevine. In 1973,
AAWS published a book entitled Came to Believe and to avoid
confusion The Grapevine began referring to the picture as "The Man on the Bed."

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