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7th Tradition

I am searching for a more detailed summary of the 7th Tradition than is contained in the 12x12. Specifically to answer this question: In a group where no literature is presented, everyone pays for their own coffee, etc. and no rent is charged, what is the 7th Tradition to used for. Where should it go? Currently in the meeting in question, the group is passing the "hat" while reading The Traditions and then leaving whatever is donated as a 'tip' for the waitress. Many of us have chosen not to participate in this, however, many still do and are not aware that this is where the money is going. I need some specifics on the purpose and disposition of the 7th Tradition collection.
Many AA groups distribute 7th Tradition contributions as follows:

1. Pay for space rent

2. Pay for supplies, including refreshments (i.e., coffee)

3. Pay for AA pamphlets & brochures distributed by the group and its members

4. Subsidize the cost of Big Books, and other AA literature for those who need, but cannot afford it. This includes Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers, Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, Pass It On, As Bill Sees It, Language of the Heart, etc. Some groups provide these at reduced or no cost to newcomers, treatment facilities, nursing homes, libraries, schools and low-cost treatment centers.

5. Elect an able member of the group to serve as its GSR and pay the cost of sending that person to GSR school, District meetings, Area Assemblies and perhaps the Regionals. The duty of the GSR and Alternate GSR is to learn and then report back to the group about ways the group and its members can become more effective in carrying the AA message of recovery and observing the AA Traditions.

6. Contribute to the cost of the group's District (consisting of perhaps a dozen or so groups in your area), its Area (your state or a region of heavily populated states), the AA General Service Office in New York, and, if one exists, the group's Intergroup or Central Office (a joint venture of the groups in a community).

Additional information can be found in the pamphlet "The AA Group" which, along with other information, is available on-line at www.aa.org in the services to members section, look for the self-support items to find the 1MB downloadable PDF file for the group treasurer and the Service Manual.

Ultimately though, there is no need to complicate the summary as found in the Traditions and the 12x12. We simply collect money to pay our bills and carry the message. How a group spends its money is entirely up to the group. There is no higher authority in A.A. than the individual group. You may find a lack of specific instructions simply because there is no authority to tell a group how to conduct its business.

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