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Is Alanon separate from AA, like NA is?

Is Alanon a separate organization from AA? If it is why is do AA and Alanon have conferences and stuff together but not AA and NA?
Alanon is a separate organization and is usually treated the same way as other outside organizations. There is however a long standing "special relationship" between Alanon and AA because Alanon is a fellowship started by the wives of AA members in an attempt to regain control of their own sanity despite the behavior of the AA guys. Given the obvious family ties Alanon has always been something of an unwritten exception to the "rules" embodied in the Traditions. The two fellowships frequently share things like conventions and answering services but do operate as separate organizations with neither having any formal influence over the other.

If AA people have a convention where they bring their family then an Alanon meeting is likely to break out anyhow. No other "special relationship" like this exists and certainly not with NA. NA is not made up of the people we have harmed the most.

For the AA GSO "guideline" on the relationship between AA and Alanon please see http://www.aa.org/en_pdfs/mg-08_relationshipbet.pdf

Alcoholics Anonymous A.A. Al-anon N.A. Narcotics seperete seperate combined

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