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Is the slogan “One Day At A Time” in the Big Book?

Is the slogan "One Day At A Time" in the Big Book? If not where does it come from?
""One Day At A Time" is not in the main text of The Big Book.

The phrase does appear at the very end of The Oxford Group pamphlet called The Four Absolutes.

That booklet ends with this paragraph:

Remember our four questions, "Is it true or false?", "Is it right or wrong?", "How will this affect the other fellow?", and "Is it ugly or beautiful?". Answering these queries every day with absolute integrity, and following the dictates of those answers one day at a time, will surely lead us well on our journey toward absorbing and applying the Absolutes.

AA grew out of The Oxford Group and the pamphlet pre-dates the beginning of AA, so this would seem a likely source for the phrase.

"One Day At A Time" does appear in many personal stories published in The Big Book and appears in other AA literature as well. It can be found in As Bill Sees It and Twelve Concepts for World Service among other books and pamphlets."

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