Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Phone Numbers in France

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Angers 33-241-484948
Arradon 33-city code-97447676
Argenteuil 33-city code-34100420
Auray 33-2-97460874
Auxerre 33-386-529473
Brest 33-2-98464454
Calvados 33-2-31948909
Cannes 33-4-93063209
Corbei 33-city code-60890782
Coubron 33-1-43301852
Dunkerque 33-city code-28661696
Eure 33-2-35077300
Eure Et Loir 33-2-37347302
Forbach 33-3-87842388
Franconville 33-34-442368
La Roche Sur Yon 33-2-51052673
Limoges 33-555-384322
Macon 33-city code-85382664
Marseille 33-491-343136
Melun 33-1-64094002
Metz 33-city code-87507073
Mulhouse 33-389-460317
Nantes 33-240-379191
Nice   website 33-8-20200257
Paris 33-1-43257500

GSO website

    33 1-46345965
Pays de Gex 33-city code-50422628
Quimper 33-2-98537504
Rennes 33-2-99870120
Roussillon 33city code-90057044
Saint Brieuc 33-296-623106
Saint Die 33-city code-29567666
St. Ettienne 33-477-797411
St. Genis Pouilly 33-450-422628
St. Malo 33-2-99825100
Saint Tropez 33-4-94491840
Sottev'le Rouen 33-city code-5723344
Strasbourg 33-388-441666
Suresnes 33-city code-40999870
Thuir 33-4-68536085
Tourcoing 33-city code-20240875
Versailles 33-139-507262
Villeurbanne 33-city code-78855388
English Speaking
Paris 33-1-46345965
Nice website 33-8-20200257

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