How to locate AA meetings.

For online and e-mail meetings. See:

For regular meetings in various places:

In many cases you will not find local meeting information on the internet. You will need to call the intergroup in that area.

We do not have any info on meetings apart from the
Intergroup phone listings which you can see by clicking here.

If you are looking for meetings in a place in The US not listed:

- Go to the top of that state's page and enter the city or town name in the search form.
- If you have no luck use the
"search 'near' this location" link.
  That will give you the closest AA number to that location.

An "intergroup" (sometimes referred to as a "central office") is an A.A. service office supported by A.A. groups established to help carry the A.A. message.

The intergroup usually relies on volunteer A.A. members to perform the service work. Intergroups usually maintain a listing of local A.A. meetings and a phone number people can call to find meetings or get information about A.A. Frequently they maintain an informational Web site too.

Worldwide there are about 1000 independent intergroups.

Also see:

AA World Service US and International Meeting Directories
     Item MD-1 International AA Directory  $1.80
     Item MD-2 Canadian AA Directory  $3.60
     Item MD-3 Western US AA Directory  $3.60
     Item MD-4 Eastern US AA Directory  $3.60

We do not sell the directories.
The directories are available through your local intergroup.
by contacting AAWS at (212) 870-3312 or


AA World Service Intergroup Listings

The Big AA List
for more meeting information.