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  • Mini Edition
The Mini Edition is IN STOCK

Pocket sized (3.5"x5.5") softcover with:

  • First 164 pages of the Big Book
    • The Doctor's Opinion
    • The original Foreword
    • Dr. Bob's story
    • Spiritual Experience
  • Original Manuscript text of Chapter 5
  • Word and subject index with more than 8000 page references
  • Phone directory of most of the AA Intergroups worldwide.
What happened to the annual update?

For 25 years the year stamped on the spine reflected an annually updated list of intergroup phone numbers. With the growth of the internet AA phone numbers are used and updated more and more infrequently. At this point the changes are infrequent enough that we can't present it as being "new" every year.

Also available with a
Digital Camo Cover

Mini Edition

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