The Anonymous Press

About Us

About The Anonymous Press

What we do is sell books and software containing the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous. We also print study editions of the text as well as reprints of first edition of The Big Book. All our books are sold at cost and our goal is to carry the A.A. message.

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Statement of Purpose

The Anonymous Press is made up of a bunch of A.A. members staying sober by carrying the message of A.A. Our primary purpose is to carry the message of A.A. by making our basic text affordable to all. Where we can, we also try to make the text easier to study and understand.

We realize that A.A., The Fellowship that saved our lives, is held together by The Traditions so The Traditions are what guide us. All of our books are sold at cost and we are certainly not organized.

Our efforts have resulted in the distribution of our fellowship’s basic text to hundreds of thousands of fellow alcoholics who otherwise may not have had a book of their own. Detoxes, rehabs, prisons and shelters can now afford to give away our text - offering countless alcoholics a chance to learn the unadulterated message of our program.