a desktop sobriety counter for Windows

SobrietyCheck adds a counter to your computer desktop and keeps track of how many days you have been sober.

            Try it now: Enter date in the form: June 15 1935 then click the sober time calculator button.

Version 4 replaces the old version as shown below.

In most cases older versions do not work with Windows XP Service pack 2 and later due to security changes made to Windows by Microsoft.

This new counter isn't the greatest, but it is free.

There is no technical support (of any kind) available for this download or the software.

You can download v4 here.


Version 4 Screenshot:



Alternate version
w/years, hours etc.
Click for screenshot


This is "7th Tradition" software.
Made for and by AA members.
About us and 7th Tradition software

Or by mail to:
    The Anonymous Press
    PO Box 1212
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Version 2

This version is intended for Windows XP (Service Pack One) and earlier only.

The counter can be placed anywhere on the desktop and over any other background. Here is an example of what it looks like when running.