AA related questions.  

For much more basic AA information please see our AA Frequently Asked Questions page.

Online and e-mail meetings.

See: http://aa-intergroup.org

       Click here for info on regular meetings in various places.

Questions about AA in general.

There is a good informational page here. Explains many of the basics about what AA is like.

Questions about AA service guidelines etc.

There or some AA guidelines on the AA World Service Website.

Do you sell______?

Everything we sell is listed on this Web site. Books are here. Programs are here.
If it is not listed we do not sell it. All the info on where to find it is listed on this page.

Big Book Study Guides.

If you are looking for "worksheets" etc. you might have luck at:

Anniversary Medallions.

Anniversary medallions (also called coins, chips, tokens etc.) can be bought online at the following sites. We do not have any association with these stores:

Speaker Tapes.

Audio recordings of various kinds can be found online at the following sites. We do not have any association with these stores:
Dicobe Tapes
Gopher State Tape Library
Our Primary Purpose
Glenn K Audio Tapes
Encore Audio Archives
Blueprint Tapes

12x12 and other AA books.

Because AA World Service in NY is claiming a copyright on the text, we have no plans to publish the 12x12 (or any other book) in any form. We also don't know anyplace to find copies on the internet.

Standard Big Books, The 12x12 and many other AAWS books are available through your local intergroup, Amazon.com , Hazelden
by contacting AAWS at (212) 870-3312 or orders@aa.org


There is a full list of literature available from AAWS at this Web site. (http://www.aasanjose.org)

Dustjackets can be found at http://www.dustjackets.org

AA History.

We print books and include some historical references in some but none of us consider ourselves to be any sort of expert. We don't know the answers to questions about AA history. These links are much better places to begin looking something up.

West Baltimore Group
Barefoot's World
Dick B.

We do not have any information about:

  • Any AA conferences or conventions. 
       See: http://www.recovery.org/aa
  • Scientific or academic research on AA or alcoholism.
  • Alcoholism treatment programs.