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PDAs & Handhelds

A reference to The Big Book® for PDAs including:
  Palm, Treo, Pockets PC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Smartphones & many more.

We have adapted the content from e-AA to work on almost all PDAs and handheld computers.
BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, Flip, 8800 etc.
Palm treo, pre, centro, Tungsten etc.
Nokia 60, 80, UIQ and other Symbian based phones
Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, iPaq, Axim, Franklin BlackJack- etc... it just doesn't matter.

This replaces PalmAA, and PocketAA and adds support for BlackBerry - one set of files for nearly any device!

    Supports bookmarks, notes, highlighting and searching.


No tech support

We implore you to try the demo before buying.
Because of the vast number of devices this can be run on
we can not provide tech support - even if you buy a copy.

BlackBerry Vital Note: Download can't be done using a BlackBerry - please download to a regular Windows PC. While the book will run on a BlackBerry installing the software and synchronizing the content to the BlackBerry is handled by the Windows version of Mobipocket Reader.

    Demo (please try the demo before buying)  /    Buy for $12   /    Free lite version

Requires the free Mobipocket Reader from
The Reader is available at this link.

Click for full image:
Curve Screenshot Palm1 Palm2 Palm3 Palm4 Palm5 Palm6

"Big Book" has been registered as a trademark by AA World Service.