The Original Manuscript of


This is reproduction of the 1938 Original Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous. This was the version of The Big Book distributed to friends and colleagues of AA's founders before the First Edition was printed.

When we sat down to transcribe the copies we could find, we came across a good number of apparent mistakes. We are not interested in adding any changes or opinions about what it was "supposed" say, so we have left the text just as it originally appeared. Following the places where we found apparent grammatical or spelling errors we have added a ~ to assure the reader that it is an intentionally reproduced "typo."

The Dr.'s Opinion
Ch.1 Bill's Story
Ch.2 There Is A Solution
Ch.3 More About Alcoholism
Ch.4 We Agnostics
Ch.5 How It Works
Ch.6 Into Action
Ch.7 Working With Others
Ch.8 To Wives
Ch.9 The Family Afterward
Ch.10 To Employers
Ch.11 A Vision For You
The Dr.'s Nightmare
Ace Full-Seven-Eleven
The Alcoholic Foundation

There was very little changed in the stories between The Original Manuscript and The First Edition. Dr. Bob's Story is included here for convenience and Ace Full-Seven-Eleven is included because it is the only story that appears only in The Original Manuscript.