Alcoholics Anonymous
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           iPad Instructions

These  instructions  should  work  on  both  the  Mac  in  OSX  and  the  PC  in  Windows  XP/Vista/7  but  the  screenshots  are  from  the  Mac.  Make  sure  you've  downloaded  the  latest  version  of  iTunes  from  Apple,  and  you  also  need  to  install  the  free  iBooks  application.
  1. Download the epub file following the instructions provided elsewhere – save the file to your desktop.
  2. Open iTunes on the desktop.
  3. From the 'File' menu in iTunes, select add to library:

  4. Point iTunes to your Desktop and click on the downloaded file, then click the 'Choose' button:

  5. The new book should now appear in your library in the 'Books' section:

  6. Connect your iPad or iPhone, make sure in the 'Books' tab the book is selected (ticked) and do a sync:

  7. To read the book, open iBooks on your device.