Revision History

2.33 April 21, '14
Confirmed Windows 8.1 compatibility.

2.33 October 21, '11
Added chapter titles top of main text pages.

2.3 May 8, '09
Fixed typos in several personal stories.
Confirmed Windows 7 compatibility.

2.2 March 13, '09
Fixed bug that prevented font resizing on some pages in Vista and Windows 7.

2.1 March 12, '08
Fixed bug that prevented font resizing.

2.0 November 8, '07
Added a compilation of the 550+ changes made to the main text since the First Edition was first printed.
   -We used to think there were 79 such changes but further research has found more.
Added the Second Edition Stories.
Added more historical notes with improved formatting for all notes.
Updated for full Vista compatibility.

1.74 April 10, '06
Updated information on Windows XP (sp2) breaking ability to run sobriety counter on desktop.
Revised help topics.
Various small bug fixes.

1.73 April 1, '04
Fixed links in Word Index. Many links had been to incorrect paragraphs.
Updated graphics in Subject Index.
Changed page background graphic.
Various small bug fixes.

1.72 November 21, '03
Updated the Original Manuscript "Edit Mode" comparison to make it's colors printable.

1.71 October 4, '03
Updated help file for the sobriety counter re: Microsoft bug.
Revised install program.
Changed some graphics.
Various small bug fixes.

1.7 January 24, '02
Much improved navigation.
Changed sobriety counter for Windows XP compatibility.
Added a single page view of the main text.
Changed dictionary to include definitions contemporary to the writing of the text.
Added single page listing of the text differences between original and modern text.
Revised install program.
Various small bug fixes.

1.6 July 1, '01
Integrated word concordance available on CD only.

1.51 March 17, '00
Fixed a rare Windows 2000 installation problem.

1.5 February 27, '00
Windows 2000 compatibility confirmed.

1.5 March 24, '99
Sobriety counter improved to load time since last drink automatically.

1.4 March 14, '99
Subject index added.
Navigational improvements.

1.3 January 06, '99
Button added to the tool bar that can change the font size!
More advanced search capabilities including Boolean search functions.
A "favorites" function added which provides an easy way to include shortcuts to often used pages.
Program now remembers how you had it sized and where you had it located the last time you used it.
Changed so that The Original Manuscript is accessed from inside the main e-AA program. This means there is only one desktop/start menu icon for e-AA. Icon now installed directly in the programs section of the start menu and not in an e-AA folder.
Added a calculator to convert sobriety dates to days sober.
Added SobrietyCheck which can add a permanent sobriety counter to the Windows desktop.
Added a listing of word frequency in the first 164 pages of The Big Book.
Fonts adjusted to look better.
Updated the icons in the table of contents section.
Added more detailed information on the books we print along with pictures. Book order form changed to improve printing.

1.2 October 21, '98

"Edit mode" comparison added.

1.1 September 5, '98

The Dr's Opinion added.

1.0 September 3, '98