The text of Alcoholics Anonymous
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Open e-AA - $12   Click here for more info
    Works with Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4
Distributed as a .zip file which has to be unzipped into an empty directory.

Includes The first 164 pages of Alcoholics Anonymous plus:

  • Dr. Bob's Story and Spiritual Experience.
  • Searchable.
  • The First Edition Stories Including "Lone Endeavor".
  • Subject Index 1900+ Topic and subject references linked to the paragraphs they appear in.
  • Original Manuscript of the first 164 pages - Searchable.
  • Two comparisons of the modern and manuscript texts Side by side printable format. "Edit Mode" format- highlights every change.
  • How it Works comparison. A comparison of The Original Manuscript and Modern versions of How it Works.
  • Concordant index to the 1st 164 pages. Indexed by page and paragraph number- clicking index entries brings you right to that paragraph.
  • Historical notes. Pop-up Historical notes in the text.
  • Changes to Alcoholics Anonymous. Pop-up notes detailing the 79 or so differences between the first and third editions.
  • Dictionary definitions. Definitions of important and/or obscure words from the text from The Webster's Dictionary used at the time the Big Book was written.
  • Random Big Book quotes on start up 60 different random quotes. SobrietyCheck Converts sobriety date to days sober automatically on start up.
  • Word frequency list - Listing of every word in the first 164 pages and how often it is used.

Open e-AA lite - by donation   Click here for more info
     The first 164 pages for any computer with a modern web browser. Distributed as a .zip file which has to be unzipped into an empty directory.

PDF - by donation   Click here for more info
    Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Looks as much like a real book as possible. Single .pdf file. 1st 164 pages only.

Plain text - by donation   Click here for more info
   The format of last resort. Just the text as plain as can be, but handy if all else fails.