e-AA Android
        by The Anonymous Press

Includes these SEARCHABLE sections:

  • The Foreword
  • The Dr.'s Opinion
  • Pages 1-164 (with page and paragraph numbers)
  • Spiritual Experience
  • The 1st Edition Stories (29 stories)
  • The 2nd Edition Stories (33 stories)
  • The Original Manuscript (the prepublication text)


  • Comparison showing all the differences between the Manuscript and modern texts
  • Comparison showing all the differences between the First Edition and modern texts
  • Subject Index with clickable reference links
  • Dictionary definitions for the more important and obscure references
    (uses definitions from 1937 to be contemporary with the writing of the book)


  • Sobriety Counter
  • View by page or by chapter
  • Random Big Book quotes on the homescreen
  • Bookmarking
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